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Dark Matter Files   |   5 год.

Art Bell'd Dark Matter
Jimmy Chunga (birth name Brett Smith) Has been conducting paranormal investigations all over the globe for the past 22 years and has become one of the nations leading paranormal experts. He is "sensitive" and uses this strange ability to aid in his paranormal research. Chunga performs almost all of his investigations with 2 of the countries most veteran and frankly, "skeptical" investigators. The first is Brendan Cook... an evp expert and long time partner of Chunga's in the Ghost Investigator Society. The second is Ben Hansen (star of Fact or Faked on the SyFy network) Chunga was taught by these two experts to trust and believe in the technology of paranormal investigating and in turn, Chunga taught them how to trust their own bodies and the instincts they feel. Some how this odd match up has produced INCREDIBLE data in the world of the paranormal.

Chunga has been a member of the Ghost Investigator Society since 1999. He is now the co-lead of the organization with Brendan Cook. He lectures year round on paranormal topics and can be VERY opinionated when it comes to paranormal organizations offering "degrees" or "certification" for money. He also is very outspoken when it comes to paranormal groups saying "they have the most accurate way of investigating". Chunga has been featured on the hit TV show "My Ghost Story" on Bio and He was the lead for a paranormal TV project called "The Believers". Chunga currently has 2 paranormal TV shows in development with renowned paranormal TV producer Mark Phillips. Outside of the paranormal community, Chunga has been a top rated radio personality for the past 22 years. He's had radio shows in Salt Lake City and Boston. The paranormal was a frequent topic on his radio shows. He's a music producer and tours the world performing EDM (electronic dance music). Chunga is currently taking a break from radio to focus on his TV shows and EDM touring schedule.


Brendan Cook is one of the founding members and key spokespeople of the GIS. He has been on the forefront in EVP research, ghost photography and the use of modern technological devices to capture what goes on in the spirit world for 15 years. He has done this by being on a number of TV shows, documentaries and lectures.

His knowledge and at times skepticism, has also been important by giving real people comfort or the advice they need to delve deeper into what is going on at their homes or businesses. But most of all, he has done this by, being a sought after guest with his radio partner Barbara McBeath, for over 14 years. His perseverance to challenge what we know about the spirit world and people's mind set has made him a pioneer in ghost investigating.

People have changed their perception and what is real of ghosts from the GIS core beliefs....they are just people. His research with Chunga has brought forth new concepts and ideas of what could be possible. Chunga and Brendan have been working together to bring this research to the public for 14 years

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